My chair,

it's cushions, hold me,

like an old coat.


My cup,

gently kisses, like a lover.


My vase


my dear sweet calendula.

A dying flower,

a distant friendship.

Each yellow, falling bud

decorates and celebrates.


I lay down,

a rose covered wreath,

a circle,

on the ground.


the immortal.


I do believe in ghosts,

and what remains.

Are we more impermanent

than our ware?


A thread

wraps tight,

or hangs loose,

at a distance.

Flat and blue,

lacking intimacy.


Beads and tokens

decorate this

time passing.


Obsessive repetition,


the nostalgic soul.


You don't have to tell me

why you love goodbyes.



an object,

is so heavy

and so sweet.

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